1. 09:43 14th Apr 2014

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    im moving out tomorrow. i think my boyfriend is going to leave. im not meant to be here, i don’t know what to do.

  2. 19:40 9th Apr 2014

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Milk in cookie cup.


    Milk in cookie cup.

  3. 09:18

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    please lord let me get approval for this rental.

    i need something to go right. i need space to breath my own air and not worry that i am not inhaling deep enough or that the purple on my t shirt indicates too much sorrow and i only smiled once at you today. i need something just for me, please.

  4. 11:40 7th Apr 2014

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  5. 23:03 26th Mar 2014

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    so i tried to kill myself

    it didn’t work, now they wont let me leave and are telling me i have a personality disorder.


  6. I took about dozen or so sleeping pills and a handful of lorazepam but i don’t know if it is enough to make tomorrow go away

  7. I’ll be gone soon and maybe then indifference will stop

  8. 09:31 19th Mar 2014

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Jamie Mills
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    Jesse pinkman is my cat?

  10. 05:58 18th Mar 2014

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